Keynote Address: A New Resource of Global Talent?



There are currently almost 80 million displaced people in the world, and many of those have valuable skills and talents that are very much in demand. In the context of skills shortages in so many sectors, this seems a shocking waste. Non-profit group, Talent Beyond Boundaries was founded in 2016 to address this issue, and has worked with large and small employers in Australia, Canada and most recently in the UK to recruit and onboard talented refugees.

In this inspiring keynote address, join Marina Brizar, UK Director at Talent Beyond Boundaries as she recounts her own compelling journey from being a refugee from the Balkan Civil War, to resettlement in Australia where she became an award-winning immigration lawyer and campaigner.

Find out how TBB is working with corporate partners to fill gaps in sectors such as healthcare, IT and engineering that are crying out for new and diverse talent, and how it is campaigning to establish a Displaced Talent Visa in the UK's skilled migration program by 2022. When we so often debate how to widen and diversify the talent pool, isn’t it time to take a closer look at this hitherto untapped resource?

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Talent Beyond Boundaries
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